Selasa, 7 Februari 2012

Kisah Sedih dan Janji

  • Boy : Who I am in your heart ?
  • Girl : You are my special one.
  • Boy : If we're break up ?
  • Girl : What reason you want give to me ?
  • Boy : I feel we're more get close if we're friends. I'm just want to change my life. And our life. You know right "couples" is HARAM in Islam. So, i'm scared if someday we're do something seriously and something bad. Please do understand me.
  • Girl : Hurm ... its true. I can't deny that. But, i love our relationship. We've been together so long. Since we're in high school. I'll cry if you leave me.
  • Boy : Don't cry ... I' still behind you. Please, dont cry .....
  • Girl : I'm scared if i'm losing you. Who knows, you leave me because you have someone outside there.
  • Boy : Not ! That will not be happened ! Because one day i'll come and look for you and make you more special than this.
  • Girl : What ?
  • Boy : I want you to be my wife and mother to my children.
  • Girl : Can i believe you ? Or you just say it.
  • Boy : I'm promise. No matter happen, i will find you. Just wait and see.
  • Girl : I'm waiting for you. I'll keep your promises.
  • Boy : Thats good. I thankful you can accept that.
  • Girl : But you will love me indefinitely right ?
  • Boy : Yes, i do !
  • Girl : I also love u :)
p/s : Sorry if my english so bad. Menaip sambil menangis-nangis macam ni lah :(

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